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BLOCK by Missouri Star Quilt Company is a magazine designed, produced, and published all in house at MSQC! There are no ads in it, not a single one. They take tutorials that Jenny has done on the YouTube channel and write the patterns, then make the quilts out of new fabric and write stories and guides to go along with them.



uk customers​ only.

You will need a paypal Account. 


a brand new magazine every two months, a total of six issues a year. packed full with ten patterns in every single issue.

pay every two months at £8.75 a time

the price includes delivery.

you can sign up at any time. The payment will come out on the date you sign up.


The magazine will arrive early to mid Jan (Vol.6), Mar (Vol.1), May Vol.2), Jul (Vol.3), Sept (Vol.4), Nov (Vol.5). 

We recommend, if possible you sign up at the very start of one of the above months, that way your payment and magazine will be roughly in sync with each other. you will get the PayPal notification to say you have paid and you will know your magazine will be arriving in a week or two.


if you sign up in one of the other months it will be a month or more before your first one arrives. your payment and magazine will always be a month or so out of sync.

the subscription payment is provided via PayPal. it is a continuous payment and will keep going until you cancel it yourself.

You will need to notify us if you move house in the future. Changing your address on your PayPal account will not update your address details that we hold on file.

How to Cancel Your Subscription.

To cancel your subscription at any time: log into your PayPal account. Go to Profile and Settings. Select My money on the left side of the page. In the 'My pre-

approved payments 'section, click Update. Select the seller whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel. Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.

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