Pellon Natures Touch Wool Batting 96in.


96 inches wide.


This needle punched 100% wool batting is carded and then finely needled into a luxurious 100% wool batting, reinforced with a fine scrim which prevents stretching while quilting.
It provides ultimate insulation and warmth while lightweight and breathable for ease of use and exceptional quilting.
Weight: 4.5 oz./square yard
Machine or hand quilt up to 10in apart.
Hand washing is recommended for quilts. However, finished quilts may be dry-cleaned or machine-washed on the gentle cycle using cold water. Avoid agitation. Use a gentle detergent recommended for quilts and wool. Lay flat to air dry or machine dry on a cool air setting.


Cut from the roll, not in packaging.

Wool Pellon Natures Touch Wadding 96in

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