Each pack includes 10 Wonder Guard sheets that can be reused indefinitely. (5cm x 13.5cm). Fits regular spools and cones. Tired of your spools tangling and unraveling and making a mess? Wrapping Wonder Guard snugly around your spools tidies loose threads and stops it from unwinding and tangling. It also keeps your thread clean and prevents it from drying out. This multi-purpose thread guard can also be attached loosely around spools of thread while in use on a machine, creating a consistent draw that helps to maintain beautifully even stitches with no fuss. A thread net will clamp down on your spool tightly and also often have pokies that stick out of the top, both of which will change the tension of the thread coming off the spool. The Wonder Guard carries a perfectly uniform edge and sits against the surface of the thread without pressing down on it. The result is a perfectly even tension consistency.


Wonder Guard Thread Wrap Sheet

SKU: WG-10