Pellon Natures Touch 100% Natural Cotton Batting no scrim 96in wide 100% All-Natural Cotton Batting is breathable, drapeable, and easy to stitch by hand or machine. The heavily-needled, unique finish makes this the perfect batting for creating vintage and antique inspired quilts. The list of potential projects is endless with this batting containing no scrim for the ultimate flexibility and lightweight hand. For quilters and crafters of all skill levels. Once used in a project, this batting is washable by machine or hand and is dry cleanable.Color: Natural100% Natural Heavily-Needled Cotton BattingSuper soft, flexible and easy-to-stitchBeautiful DrapeLoft: 1/16inShrinkage: 3-5%Stitch Distance: 4inCotton and Cotton Blend battings can shrink up to 3-5%. To avoid shrinkage prior to use, we suggest you soak the batting in hot water for 20 minutes. DO NOT AGITATE WHEN WET. Gently wring out water and dry in dryer on low setting or lay flat to dry. After your quilt is complete, you can machine wash cold on a gentle cycle and dry in dryer on low setting for best results. Cut from the roll, not in packaging.

Cotton Pellon Natures Touch Wadding 96in wide. UK Only

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