Here’s a new version of that old favorite Card Trick pattern that’s not nearly as tricky as it used to be! Instead of tons of triangles, we’ve simplified it by using squares and rectangles. You’re going to love the way this falls together! Cash in some 2.5" strips to learn all about the Card Trick quilt pattern!

We have a discrepancy between our written pattern and our tutorial. The written pattern says to cut background squares at 6 1/2”. Jenny cut her background squares at 7”. Both sizes work but if you want to use 7” squares, you’ll need to cut (17) 7” strips across the width of the fabric so you’ll need 4 3/4 yards of background fabric instead of 4. If you cut the background squares at 6 1/2”, you’re all set!

Missouri Star The Card Trick Quilt Pattern

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