All six tools in the Fiskars Beginner Sewing Set have been thoughtfully curated to help you tackle your first sewing project. Start with crisp, clean cuts all the way to the tip with the Petite Original Orange-handled Scissors (7 in.) – a smaller version of our classic, 8 in. quality fabric scissors. Make quick thread snips and tight, intricate cuts with
the Detail Scissors (4 in.). A durable, easy-to-read Acrylic Ruler (3 in. x. 18 in.) allows you to accurately measure fabric strips or small squares, while a Measuring Tape (60 in.) offers a flexible way to measure sections or take body measurements. Fabric Clips
(10) hold layers of fabric in place and a simple Seam Ripper removes lines of stitching to undo sewing mistakes. Each tool has been optimized for superior performance, comfort and control for an easy, frustration-free way to learn how to sew.
This all-in-one, 6-piece Fiskars Beginner Sewing Set gives you the tools you need for any beginner sewing project
Petite Original Orange-handled Scissors (7 in.) cut all the way to the tip and are right-sized for sewists with smaller hands
Detail Scissors (4 in.) have a double-loop handle for excellent control, and are ideal for quick thread snips, tight patterns and intricate details
Get precise measurements with the Acrylic Ruler and; Measuring Tape, hold fabric in place with the Fabric Clips, and undo stitches with the Seam Ripper
Full lifetime warranty (excludes Fabric Clips, Measuring Tape and Seam Ripper)


Fiskars Beginners Sewing Set