Approx 2 in / 5cm x width of fabric strip.
Free for up to 3 fabrics and then 50p per additional sample.
Up to 5 fabrics maximum.
The minimum £3 postage charge applies.
So it's 1-3 for £3,  4 for £3.50,  5 for £4, if your just ordering the samples that is.
Cut from the end so may not be straight or suitable for cutting 2 in squares etc and is only intended to help with matching up colours.
Please check the website stock allows enough for what you require, often people will ask for a sample when they may need say 3m but our site only shows 1m in stock anyway.
*Standard 44 in width fabrics only*
*Quilting cottons only*
*Excludes last piece fabrics*
*Excludes Jersey fabrics*
Enter the SKU of each fabric you require, seperated by a comma and then hit return to type the next SKU on the next line down.

Fabric Sample - 44 inch Quilting Cotton only