An easy, efficient & accurate method to square-up half-square triangles.  Align the seam of an unpressed hst with dashed lines and with easy strokes, trim all four sides.  The unique edge slots allow for trimming of the dog ears at the same time.  No need to rotate fabric to realign.

Trim up to 7 sizes from 1.75" to 7.75".  Purple print for ease in differentiating from the original Slotted Trimmers.

Other uses include: square-up hour glass blocks, strip piecing of half-square triangles, strip-tube method of block construction and fussy cutting.

Please note:  although these trimmers are manufactured by the same company as some large, well-known ruler companies, they are a little more delicate because of the slots close to the corners.  Please take extra precautions when handling. To be used with a rotary cutter: use at your own risk.

As noted on instructions, please remove protective paper from backing.

Please take extra care so that they aren't dropped onto the floor etc. Also take care when pulling it off of the packaging as it is glued quite strongly onto the card near the delicate corners.

Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmer D By Kari Carr.

  • Before Use

    Remove the protective paper backing from your ruler before use, it peels off very easily.