International Shipping.

We are no longer shipping to the EU.

International Discount Code. For International customers only. NOT UK customers.


You can use the promo code below to remove the amount of the 20% UK vat / tax. 

" international-vat "

Do not include the " "

You must use this promo code in the checkout.


We can not change your order afterwards if you forget the code.

International orders only, you must have an international shipping address.

(if you order for the UK with the discount we will cancel your order)


Any orders sent outside the UK may now be subject to customs charges such as excise duty and or local taxes such as vat. You the customer agree to pay any such charges. We do not accept any responsibility for any charges incurred. If in any doubt you should check yourself the customs rules that apply to your country before you place your order.


If you do not pay the charges and the order is returned to us we may have to pay the customs charges, if this is the case we will deduct any export, import, shipping and return shipping charges from your refund.

This is a temporary solution until our website can do this automatically or we get a new website.

We think that in the EU you will have to pay the following charges, but you should check this for yourself.


Up to €150 (including the delivery cost) you will have to pay import vat only.


Over €150 (including the delivery cost) you will have to pay import vat and customs duty. 

You should remember that nearly all of our products are not actually made in the UK. 

For international shipping rates see here.